Kimberly & Jason

September 6, 2008


Please note that there will be street construction around our ceremony and reception locations.  This will affect parking availability.

To provide additional parking facilities, we have rented the front and back parking lot of a nearby school.

The school is called Corpus Christi Catholic School and is located at 157 Fourth Avenue.  This is just across the street from the Glebe Community Centre.

Guests may park in the lot for both the ceremony and reception, you do not need to move your vehicle until the end of the evening.   This parking lot is a close walk to both the Church and the reception location.

The back parking lot is much larger, so we recommend that you park there.   You can enter the back parking lot through 2 entrances:

Please see the map on the Directions page for the exact location.  The parking is denoted by the red pin:

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